Monday, December 30, 2013

Living the POOG Lifestyle: Managing Expectations

So, I'm an avid fan of Pinterest.  I love looking through the pages of aspirational decor, effortless fashion, and adorable DIY projects.  I also know that pinning these things are pretty much the closest I'm going to get to having those things in my life.  My house requires massive remodeling, which must be done before I can paint any chevron walls or hang any cute photo collages.  I'm a fatty, so fashion is anything but effortless, as it takes quite a bit of searching and money to find anything on trend in my size, especially in my small town.  In theory, I can make some of the DIY stuff (and I often try), but it never looks like the pictures and I often get frustrated.

But that is where the POOG Lifestyle strategy of Managing Expectations comes in.  I have to know that I'm not as awesome as all of those people.  And that's ok.  I'm me.

So I decided to try my hand at a DIY bookcase-to-dollhouse conversion.  The pictures on Pinterest look like this.

Image via

That's cool.  I really like the simplicity of it, and I love the staging on top.  But I also know that my daughters have about 7000 Barbies that need to be stuffed into a case.  Also the case available to me is not that kind.  So mine is going to look different.  

And that is okay.  

We had a cheap three shelf unit in the girls' room that was filled with hand-me-down VHSs.  We haven't had a working VCR in two years, but we kept the VHS in their room because...reasons. 

But the DIY bug got me.  I was going to solve our Barbie storage problem, rid their room of unnecessary video clutter, and give them something to play with for cheap.  So I boxed up the videos and set them aside.  In their room.  Where they still are because...reasons.  

My husband wanted to toss the shelf in the garbage, because it "isn't structurally sound."  Yup.  Because the most important thing for a child's doll house is that it needs to stand up to hurricanes and earthquakes.  I told him to buzz off.  

Here is the shelf.  It originally had warped pressboard shelves, but Jason would not allow that.  So he cut some wood to put in the shelf.  
Those Barbies can have all kinds of wild parties on those shelves now.  
Here's Jason, securing the cardboard backing so the dolls don't go tumbling out the shelf.  
One way in, one way out, dollies.  

So then it was up to me to create the beautiful masterpiece DIY dollhouse.  

I took some scrapbooking paper and cut it to fit each room.  I wanted to divide each floor into two rooms, so I cut paper for six rooms.  I wanted to add some cardboard dividers for walls between each room, but I ran out of time, because I started this on December 24th because...reasons.  

After I papered the rooms (not pictured because my phone memory was full and I haven't uploaded pictures from the camera yet), I painted the front of the house.  I used acrylics, because that is what I had on hand, and I wasn't about to run to a craft store on December 24th.  

This is the end result of the painting.  

Much professional.  Many pretty. Wow. 
And the interior.

No interior walls yet.  Reasons.  
And here are the kids opening it on Christmas morning.  As you can tell, this is definitely a candid shot.  

Groovy hair ladies.  But they are having fun.  

So.  I could be sad that this dollhouse isn't Pinterest worthy, or I could know my abilities and limitations and remember that this is a toy for not-so-sophisticated children who don't even know that they should comb their hair before opening gifts on Christmas morning because of photography.  

You too could have this very doll house so long as you manage your expectations.  And if you need a box of VHS for...reasons, well, I can help you with that too.  

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