Friday, December 20, 2013

6 Whole Years

Today is my daughter's sixth birthday. 

Holy cow.  She's six.  She's becoming her own person. 

This time last year, she was so excited to turn five, because she couldn't start school until she was five.  Then she was disappointed, because she couldn't start school until the fall.  How cute is that? 

But this year, she is halfway through kindergarten.  She loves school.  She is so social and interested in learning.  The other day she started to cry because she is going to miss her teacher over the break.  I love that she loves school. 
Lookin' cute in an ugly sweater.

But I'm still a little sad.  She is growing up.  Sometimes, it seems, at breakneck speed.  She really amazes me with her kindness and generosity.  She shares with her sister and friends without being reminded.  She writes letters of apology when she feels she's done wrong.  These are things that many people much older than her haven't yet grasped, and it seems to be second nature to her. 

An apology note from Judy.  Roughly translated, it reads, "Mom I'm sorry for fantaf."  I'm unclear what fantaf is. 

Today, we took cupcakes, juice, and goody bags to Judy's classmates.  She took great pride in handing out the goody bags to her friends, and waited to get her own cupcake until everyone had their own.  She smiled shyly while they sang Happy Birthday to her. 

Then, as the class finished their snacks, and we began to pack up to leave for the day, Judy stood at the front of the room.  Her teacher asked the class to listen to Judy.  Judy said,  "I just want to tell you all that you are all good and I love you and I will miss you over Christmas."

It was all I could do to keep from falling into a blubbering mess in front of all the kids.  No one had prompted her, I have never told her that this is something that she should do before vacation.  She just felt in her big heart that she needed to tell them that she loved them.  They all came in together to give Judy a giant group hug.  I'm still getting teary about it. 

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl, and I will continue to try to be worthy of her.  I want to be as kind as her. 

Me and a pretty neat little person.  Judy, you are wonderful. 

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