Sunday, June 2, 2013

Judy's Book Reviews: Monster Hunter

My daughter is participating in the local library's summer reading program, Dig Into Reading.  Although she is not quite "reading" yet, I read books to her and then we talk about them.  The reading program requires that the participants log their books online and gives the option for a review.  I decided to take our conversations and turn them into reviews for her.  

I had to prod her a bit with standard review-style questions, but all responses are hers.  Of course, I'm the typist, but I try to stay close to her sentence style and word choices.  

Below is her review of Monster Hunter by Justin LaRocca Hansen.  

"I thought it had one monster but it had more than just one. It just needed a bit more things but there was just more monsters than that. I didn't know it had that much monsters. My favorite part was when the boy was fighting the crazy fish monster and the fish had purple lips that were so crunchy and giant eyes. He flushed the monster in the deep darkness. This book wasn't that scary. It got a little scary. The slime was kind of scary. I didn't know there was a monster that had slime. I think my cousin Rachel would like this book."

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