Thursday, June 27, 2013

Judy's Book Review #8: Pony Mysteries: The Clue in the Clubhouse

Judy chose a book that wasn't a Disney adaptation.  It's a cute little Scholastic Reader intended for older, more independent readers, but we had fun with it.  This book is Pony Mysteries: The Clue in the Clubhouse by Jeanne Betancourt and illustrated by Kellee Riley.
(Why did you choose this book?)  Because I never read it before, and I never knew it before or found it before.  
(What is your favorite part of this book?)  It’s when they found the cutest kitty and the pony and friends to play with and they can make bracelets and play with their kitty and stuff.  
(What is this book about?)  It’s about clues.  They’re looking for the problem that happened.  Well, first they lost their kitty, second they lost their horse.  Very very second they lost the keys.  
(Was there anything that made you sad in this book?)  Well of course let me find it.  They lost the keys and they were super sad.  And there’s something else that made me sad.  They didn’t find the other keys.  
(Was there anything that made you happy?)  Yes.  The cute little kitty’s eyes and smiley face.

Judy was irritated with me for requesting a picture.  

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