Monday, June 24, 2013

Judy's Book Review #7: Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmations (Little Golden Books)

Here comes another review of a Little Golden Book adaptation of a Disney movie.  This time it is Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (Little Golden Books) adapted by Justine Korman and illustrated by Bill Langley and Ron Dias.  

 Too many dogs hundred.  Um.  This day there was a lovely girl.  There’s a hundred puppies sleeping and playing until they found the girl from the high school girl from the high school class.  She smokes smoke in the house.  And the boy was playing the piano not doing smoke in the house.  The mom and dad dog were going like, “Wraw, wraw?”  What is going on here?  Until this girl smoked on the puppies.  Three puppies.  Until the the spies came in, one straight spy and one big spy.  Even this happened really sad.  The puppies were frought at their new home.  The mom dog was sad and so was the dad dog.  They were sleepy and they’re tired and they wanted to go home so bad.  The barks went like this, “Howl, howl oooooo a ooooo!”  Can you spell “a ooooo”?  Cool.  And this little doggy was so cute and this big dog was going like, “Growl”.  Till a cat wake him up and a horse.  You gotta hurry, some dogs are captured.  (Animal noises) We must save them.  And the cat looked over the window until they saw the 40-60-100 dogs so they sneaked quietly into the window and they got all the puppies out of there.  One puppy was still in and not really dead.  And this time the biggest girl was there and she went like, “Where are those spotted rats?”  (Judy begins acting like Cruela De Vil).  This time the mom and dad came they bited the leg, they bited the arm, even they bited the neck.  And this day the puppies escaped when the mom and dad bited everything.  Once the doggies were saved.  And that’s all I knew.  All of the other pages are nothing that I knew.

She insisted in being a goofball for the picture.  

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