Friday, June 14, 2013

Judy's Book Review #5: Missing Mommy

The next review is for Missing Mommy: A Book About Bereavement by Rebecca Cobb.  I always let the girls pick out whatever books they want, and they usually base their decisions on the covers.  Judy asked about the title of the book and I told her it was Missing Mommy.  She wanted to read about someone missing their mom.  I didn't notice the book's subtitle until we came home to read it.  

I am not opposed to speaking about death with my children, and I believe in discussing it frankly.  Had I known the content of the book before checking it out, I would have read it alone before diving in with my girls.  I wasn't mentally prepared for the possible seriousness that this book would bring up at bedtime.  The book was frank and sweet and exactly how I would talk to my girls about death, but I'm just writing this as a warning.  Peruse the books before bedtime to be sure that you won't be having any heavy conversations while trying to put your little ones to sleep.  

Thankfully, Judy was understanding about the content, and she wasn't too sad or scared.  And this book is a perfect tool to introduce the concepts of death and sadness to small children in a frank and caring way.  Whether before or after a loss, I would recommend this book to parents.  

Now, onto Judy's thoughts!  

I thought the mom was going to live forever but she just died very long.  It mad me feel super super sad because the kid missed her mom super super bad.  I’m sad of it too.  But people have to die because their body doesn’t work anymore if they get very old.  And that made me super super sad.  I thought the kid was going to die, but the mom died, but I missed it because I found a stonekeeper (gravestone), and it had the mom’s name on it and the flowers died there and the girl noticed that she was dead.  The dad was sad and the little sister was happy she was actually happy.  She felt scared but she really wanted her mom really really bad and she got really angry.  She’s just pouting she wants her mommy super bad.  She wants to play with her, she wants to eat with her, she wants to snuggle with her.  And she kicked her train.  Maybe they want to know why kids moms and dads die.  (I asked Judy, "Is it good that we talk about what happens when people die?")  NO, the kids will want their moms and dads and grandparents really bad and if they grow by their self they will live with their friends and his mom and dad and live in the country.  This girl lost her mommy.  She won’t die until she is 50 old.

Forgive the quality and pose.  She really wanted to play in her swimming suit and not pose for another picture.  

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