Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Judy's Book Review #4: The Loud Book

Edie actually picked out The Loud Book by Deborah Underwood and Illustrated by Renata Liwska.  But Judy enjoyed it all the same.  Apparently this book is a companion to The Quiet Book, so we will have to check out that one and review it at a later date.  

Again, Judy wanted to go on a page-by-page review of the book, rather than being directed by questions.  

 I liked it when he started to yell through headphone with a string so you can hear far away and close.  It’s like a phone, and it used to go everywhere and it goes like no yes no I don’t think so.  And I think this rabbit is trying to go to sleep but it doesn’t look very dark.  And it’s sleeping on the floor, I’m just going like wow.  The rabbit wants more popcorn and is going whoa whoa, and I can’t believe a bee is picking up a tool and the bear is picking up a car with 100 zillion animals inside it.  And the bear is going (scratches head).  The bear is saying of the others ... (unintelligible) but I don’t know what I see.  It’s just kind of grey.  I can’t believe it a firetruck is lifting a basket on 40 people in the air.  Are they having a carnival or something?  And everybody’s looking at this dinosaur it looks pretty short.  And this boy is this rabbit is lifting up up up.  But I can’t believe it everybody spilled their food and their drinks there’s not very many people on the other side.  Everybody’s getting wow wow.  He can’t clean out back right?  He’s cleaning out back while the kids are playing baseball.  They’re putting on a show, there’s flowers and I can’t even believe it.  And all of the others are (mumbling) wow wow wow. And rabbits can’t get wet.  Rabbits really can’t get wet, even porcupines.  Even I am getting redoubted.  Ok I’m all done on this page.  This is a long book mom.  I don’t hear any louds, because I think they’re thinking the tv loud.  Silly wolfs.  I’m so excited for bowling, I can’t wait for it, can’t wait for it.  (She covers her eyes).  I can’t look at the balls cuz I love balls that will make me go bowling.  Even a parade is so loud it goes like boom boom boo ba boo brum brum bo boo boo. And it looks like a sweet rabbit is crying because she wanted to have a sweet apple on a picnic but ants got all over it.  Poor baby rabbit.  Ok.  I can’t see the fiesta.  All of the guys here, I’ll stop now, these guys are making a band now and they go ding ding a ding ding yee haw I’m riding a horsie it’s going really fast I’m having so much fun yee haw yee haw ye ye ye yee haw.  Even these bears are telling a spooky story like once upon a time there was an evil witch turned into a gitch it could turn into anything it can put it’s hand underground and smash people and it can stretch out far far as ever as human.  I can’t believe what the rabbit is doing under the tent, it’s going like boo la la la.  Even big sisters snore really loud and I can’t believe it the brother can’t sleep.  And the rabbit had to sleep outside. That’s it.  

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