Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Judy's Book Review #2: It's Time for Preschool!

Two nights ago, we read It's Time for Preschool! by Esme Raji Codell and illustrated by Sue Rama.  Since it had been a while since the reading, I told Judy to flip through the book to refresh her memory for the book review.  This time I did not prod her with any book review questions.  She was so excited to talk about the book that at times I had to tell her to slow down so I could keep up.  

 I think it has many stuff to play on or stuff to eat.  There’s a lot of teachers and kids.  There is blocks and painting and books time and you got to listen to the teachers and they're sometimes nice.  It’s like everything is going really really good and all of the kids are having lots of fun.  Cuz all of the kids are reprisited (I think she means represented, but I didn't want to stop her to ask.) and I’m just like wow.  It’s just super cool, it’s a super cool book I don’t know what to do with it.  I’m really really happy.  

I liked this part where the kids were going to preschool with everybody their parents and grandparents together and the kids go really good and the moms and dads are really happy.  They might get a sad at everything and all of the teachers are going to be sad because the kids are dreaming of seeing their parents.  I don’t know what they’re doing.  Then it’s bedtime and lunchtime and everytime.  They even have name badges and take off their backpacks and put them on a hook safety place, I’m just going like wow.  At preschool you’re gonna have to get ready for school, it’s like school right?

It gots a lot of stuff, I don’t know if the stuff are gonna happen.  You can create anything or play puppet stuff, you can make stuff out of real or pretend.  You can dress up like princesses, or princess dragons, or dragon police officers (these are actual examples from the text).  I’m going really wow on every single page.  The teacher has to read story time and you have to do ABCs and when the teacher says it’s circle time you got to circle up in every single place.  And  everything is really cool.  I’m so excited for this book.  I falled in love with it.  And there’s fall winter spring another spring.  I’m thinking the children are going like wow.  They’re getting happy and doing everything.  (She actually licked her fingers to turn the page).  

They’re sharing cupcakes and making funny faces.  And there's lunch time and when you have to sneeze cover your nose with a tissue and if you need to wash your hands then just wash wash wash.  I’m just so excited for my own class.  And all of the kids get to go to the fire station with the teachers and the kids have to be quiet they have giant backpacks and a hat and a hose and a loud siren and it’s only for rescuing.  It always gets so fun.  The children are thinking what the mom and dad and pets are doing and they want to see it but when it’s time to go they can see their mom and dad and pets again and they will be so so happy.  It’s going wow wow wow (here I paused typing to marvel at her excitement and Judy noticed).  You’re supposed to keep up remember.  And they’re already going to sleep dreaming about stuff.  Good stuff, can’t dream about bad stuff cuz it’s a nightmare.  Even they can see the baby sheep and they’re super soft and that is great.  And now they’re really playing with the teachers and making stuff with scissors and glue and paper sticks.  It’s really really fun.  I’m really really happy abour this book.  This book is amazing I tell you.  The kids are having so much fun.  It’s just so fun that they are really good at class.  When they spill something they clean it up and they get stuff where it belongs.  Now they're going home and they’re having more and more fun.  They had enough fun today, they need to rest.  The grown ups are happy again.  You got to go home when class is over and it’s really pretty cool.  I’m so proud of this book.  That’s it. 

Judy was so excited to be talking about a book again.  She really seemed to eat up the fact that I was typing her every word down, and she was flicking her hair back and forth.  I may have to do a video post of a review in the future.  


  1. I vote yes on video review! I'm thrilled how much she enjoys reading and talking about what the books are about. She is so sweet and smart and that really comes though when she is articulating details. So proud of her. :)

  2. Oh my God! Wow, wow, wow . . . as Judy might say! This is the most delicious, marvelous review that my work has ever earned!

    I'm so thrilled to read this! I declare that all kid's books, from now on, be reviewed only by kids! Makes sense, no?

    Thank you so much Judy and Judy's Mom!

  3. Doug and I re-read this tonight, and we were not disappointed. We laughed for a solid minute about her licking her finger to turn the page.

    And next time, remember to keep up, k?

    P.S. Your children are proud of odd things: zebras, books, etc. But it tells me that you must say you are proud of them often, and that is beautiful.


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