Sunday, January 27, 2013

Resolution Check Up

So.  My sister gave me shit today about not writing more on my blog.  She is right.  I've been slacking.  What better time than the end of January to check in about my resolutions from my yearly post.

1.  Write on this blog more.

DONE!  I'm writing on this blog again.  That is more than I did last year.  I WIN AT RESOLUTIONS!!!!!

2.  Submit two stories to contests this year.

HALFWAY THERE!!! I submitted a story to a literary magazine that offers opportunities for publishing every other month.  I also created a list of contests that I want to submit to throughout the year with deadlines, costs of submission, and whether or not I submitted.  I'm so organized.

3.  Re-attempt Roller Derby

Well...I did watch the Roller Derby Workout DVD that I got for Christmas.  So...success?  JK--I'm gonna start it tomorrow (or today, actually, if you check the time stamp).

4.  Prepare Emergency Kits

I made shopping lists of items for th 72-hour kits as well as the car kit.  I bought a bin to store the car kit in the van.  I've started purchasing some items for the 72-hour kits.  I NEED BACKPACKS!

So.  I'm doing pretty well at this.  I'm making progress on 4 moderate goals.  YAY ME!  Also; SCREW OFF SISTER WITH YOUR JUDGMENTAL WAGGING FINGER IN MY BRAIN TELLING ME WHAT TO DO.  Or rather, thank you for reminding me to do what I want to do.  Also, I love you.  Also, I'm the favorite.

I've also been planning an amazing baby shower for one amazing lady.  Maybe I'll write about that in a few weeks.  MAYBE.

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