Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutionary. Again.

Well. I didn't intend for this blog to turn into a once yearly thing. That's not good. New Year's Resolutions

 1. Write on this blog more (obviously).

2. Submit two stories to contests this year.

 3. Re-attempt Roller Derby.

4. Organize finances.

5. Prepare emergency kits for home, car, and kids.

Last year I had many of the same resolutions, as evidenced by the post just a bit down. Let's see how I did on those.

 1. Be more aggressive on the job hunt. I didn't find anything in this community that would work with having two young kids. I didn't want to get a job just to pay for day care, so it made the most sense to continue to stay home. It has been rewarding.

 2. Address my mental health. I went to the doctor the first week in January, and in addition to fixing my face fungus (which was not fungus, just new acne, easily treated with antibiotics), she put me on anti-depressants. I have been feeling much better this year than in previous years.

3. Add a true schedule to the days at home. Well, sorta. We got out of bed before 9 most mornings, and found a reason to leave the house most afternoons. It doesn't sound like much, but it was an improvement from sitting in pjs until 5 pm.

4. Incorporate more physical activity in my day. Well, for a few months, I was doing really well with this. I was using the Nike Training Center App on my phone, and I really liked it. Then I stopped for no real reason. Back to it.

5. Follow my passion. I have been writing more. I worked on the NaNoWriMo novel I started in 2011, and I attempted it again this year, getting even further than ever before. I've also worked on several short stories, but did not finish any. I'd say this was a minor success.

6. Be more positive. I feel like I've been successful at this. I've taken a lot of time to enjoy my daughters and my family. It feels good. But that doesn't mean I've lost my edge.

 So. Last year was not too bad for me, resolution-wise. Especially with my loose definition of success. See you soon. That's a promise! Share your resolutions if you wish.

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  1. I'm glad to see you reflecting on the past year. It's always good to see how far we have come and what changes we would like to make, as well as things we want to keep the same! I haven't made any resolutions yet, but I suppose my goal is to become more organized at home, work, in my finances, etc. I guess that will keep me busy enough! Good luck in 2013! Hope to see more from you on this and other blogs.


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