Friday, February 18, 2011


For those of you who are friends on Facebook or talk to me on the phone, you know that I've been doing a lot of complaining lately. I've been a regular whine bag.

I'm sorry.

My circumstances are not ideal, but they are far from terrible. Here is a list (albeit incomplete) of what I am grateful for.

1. I am so grateful for my family. My mother flew down here as soon as she could after the broken leg x-ray went up. My father and his girlfriend allowed me and my kids to crash at their house for days while I moaned in pain and sadness on the recliner. My husband has been supportive and humorous. My daughters have been caring and sweet. My extended family has been calling regularly to check-in. It is nice to know I am cared for. I am truly blessed.

2. My friends. Missy has offered to play with the kids, and even invited me to stay with her family during recovery. Sarah came to my house to drain the beast in my back and brought me a delicious pot pie after my surgery. She has also offered some great advice on dealing with my life in general. Jewel called and told me the straight dope on this type of surgery, just to make sure I had all sides (thanks for scaring the shit out of me).

3. Modern Medicine. Had I not seen a doctor about my infection, I might have suffered with it until it was too late. The doctors got me on the right meds to deal with the infection and the pain. The doctors at urgent care stopped me from walking on my leg and recommended a good orthopedic doctor. The orthopedic docs looked closely at my injury and determined the best plan of attack to avoid pain in the future.

4. Insurance. My meds have never been more than $10. Antibiotics, pain killers, and a wheelchair have all come at little to no cost. My copays have been $20-$50, and since I have had to visit the doctor nearly daily for the treatment of the infection, I've only paid one copay.

5. The internet. Cuz duh.

I just wanted to send this out, because I am very aware that I am privileged. I have an extended network of family that helps me, I have a job that provides very good benefits, as well as time off. I have the money to go to a doctor when necessary. I have internet and cable to keep me occupied when I'm trapped on the couch. I am grateful for all that I have. And I want to thank everyone who has been helping me.

Thank you!

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