Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another School Year

Another time to resolve to do better.

Better reach my ESL students.

Better prepare my lessons.

Better stay caught up on grading.

Better get everything ready for my long-term sub.

Better perfect the Yearbook.

Better keep personal and private lives separate.

Better pass that f-ing PDD!

Last week we had a couple of pointless meetings, and a bit of time to prepare for the return of students. I succeeded in moving all of the clutter from the classroom into my office. Now I just need to get the office organized. Eventually.

I had two sets of students on Friday, as that is our "jump-start" day for freshpersons. I have to say, as much as I was dreading returning to work this fall, seeing their excited faces gave me a bit of hope. They were interested and much more motivated than the students I had last year. I'm hoping that this lasts the year, but that largely depends on how I address the curriculum.

One more better: better try to keep track of my experience this year.

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