Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maternity Clothes

I recieved some plus-sized maternity clothes in the mail. I am lucky enough to be an "in-betweenie" so I had some clothes from the mall maternity store that fit, but poorly. So I went online and ordered a range of sizes to get a few more summer pieces, because being pregnant in the summer in the Southwest equals I'm roasting. Only two things didn't fit so I will return them to the store in the mall and get a few shirts. However, after my order arrived, I was asked to review my purchase and explain whether or not I would recommend this retailer to my friends. Here is my response about a recommendation.

I would be more likely to recommend to a friend if the Motherhood store in my area carried plus sizes. I know for a fact that I am not the fattest woman in my area to get pregnant. Plus sized women get pregnant, and they have money to spend, but we should be allowed the opportunity to try on clothes in the store and decide there, rather than ordering several sizes online, trying them on at home (paying for shipping), deciding which size is appropriate, and either shipping back (at our cost) to return or making a trip to the store to get store credit. Plus size is a growing market (no pun intended) and Motherhood should be catering to that market to maximize sales. Many plus size women simply suffer through pregnancy in giant sweats or leggings because retailers are afraid to get the fat in their stores. Well, if you want the dollars of fatties, you will need to carry clothes for fatties. I promise, the money spends the same.
Some people may say I am being dramatic. Maybe. But they asked, so I told them. And since my clothing came in several shipments, I will send this response every time.

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  1. Retailers are just too lazy when it comes to going after an obvious market. People come in all shapes and sizes, even pregnant women want to have fun with their wardrobe. Maybe I should come home and open a clothing store with that mission...


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