Saturday, May 22, 2010

Updates A Go Go

Update 1: I like using the phrase "A Go Go" even though I'm unsure of its meaning.

Update 2: I spoke with my doctor after my ultrasound this week. Gender=unclear as the baby was shy and kept well covered. I mentioned my trepidation about another C-section. He suggested that I attempt a VBAC in Albuquerque and he set up an appointment with a colleague that travels between Farmington and Albuquerque so that I can make a seamless transition to UNMH for a VBAC. He was very supportive. I feel much relief.

Update 3: I passed all but one strand of my PDD, and that is because I left out "Standards Based Language" in my introduction. I am going to resubmit with the correct language included so that I may (hopefully) pass.

Update 4: I have survived yet one more year of teaching.

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