Friday, February 12, 2010

Resolution Update

Well. I have been on track and off track. Such is life when we talk about resolutions. Let's run through a checklist.

I am on my second book and the second month. That sounds like a +.

I only do yoga once a week. -

I haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks. -

I've cooked (or ordered) about 5 vegetarian meals. I'll call that a +

I haven't even put new strings on the guitar. -

My writing has fallen off. -

I've graded almost everything within 3 days, but there is one grammar assignment that I can't seem to bring myself to grade. -

I haven't had to play the "hangman game" with the word QUIZ on the board. So I think my patience has increased. +

I am in the process of preparing my Dossier.

My students worked on a "friendship Constitution" as a preview to The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" and I think it got them thinking about how the play is connected to their lives. +

So that is four out of ten. Not quite a passing score, but getting there. I'll check back in in about a month. :)


  1. Give yourself a + in the effort category department! ;)

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