Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not my problem

Yesterday, a friend and I dashed off campus at lunch to grab a quick bite at the nearby grocery store deli. We purchased our food and beverages and waited an inordinate amount of time for lids for our cups. As we were walking out we passed the line of people waiting to be served. Most were students from the high school, but there was one man in a very tight t-shirt. The shirt bore the image of our mascot, so I can only assume he was either a coach or an ardent fan of the high school athletics.

Well this man looked at my friend and pushed the corners of his mouth upward. Literally. With his thumb and index finger. Then he said, "You too. You both need to smile." We were literally just walking past him to leave the grocery store.

Coach Bossy, here's a newsflash. Neither myself nor my friend are obligated to look pleasant for you. Also, women will not act on your every command.

Now some might argue, "He just wants you to be happy." But that is not the case. If he cared about our emotional well being, he could have asked us if something was wrong, or he could have offered his help in some way. He didn't even smile at us. The closest thing that came to a smile was the leer he was giving my friend.

My father used to tell me to smile all the time, and while it pissed me off, it came from a place of love. My dad was worried that I was unhappy, but he was afraid of asking me what was making me unhappy because he probably already knew the answer. But when my dad asked me to smile more what he was really saying was, "I hope that you can be happy."

When Coach Bossy demanded smiles, he was saying, "Be more attractive for me, or more approachable." Guess what; how attracted you are to me is NOT. MY. PROBLEM.

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  1. This reminded me of an old blog post by CancerBaby--she called those kinds of people "mood oglers."


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