Monday, November 16, 2009

Live Blogging a DVRed Palin Interview

I stopped DVRing Oprah months ago, I think it was right around the time that Oprah started another round of fat-hatred/self-flagellation. I'm not on Oprah strike. I'll watch her program if I can, but I don't make a special effort anymore. At any rate, I knew that I could not pass up the opportunity to hear Sarah Palin try to justify all of her idiotic maneuvers in politics, or to listen to the cognitive dissonance when she tries to discount feminisim while still greatly benifitting from all of the hard work of others who whole-heartedly disagree with her but defend her from sexist attacks.

Join me on a journey of fantastic book promotion and meaningless spin. Let's "Go Rogue!"

Wow, that was a short intro.

Oprah sets the record straight about Palin not being invited to the show. Crap spin on both sides. Palin does a good ass kiss and Oprah does an unnecessary explanation. Palin is not good at masking her distaste.

Going Rogue. Most bleh title ever.

Oooo, she's so "country" she went to the State Fair of the state in which she was the govenor at the time. I hate the faux narrative.

The audience is rustling as if they are bored already.

Team McCain: Claims to have vetted, but we all know that is probably an embellishment.

Got a D doesn't = skeleton. Gimme a break.

Bristol's pregnancy. Not to be used as a message. She's your child. I can't beleive that you would even consider it.

I approved all messages that I approved of, but did not approve other messages. Zuh?

Tackling teen pregnancy does not equal "Save it for Jesus." Comprehensive Sex Ed, but you spoke against it during the campaign.

Palin claims that pregnancy was a "good idea" to show realism, but didn't think her kids would be discussed in the news?

Double standards and privilege?

She could barely spit out that she respects Obama. Rogue?

Commercial Break with Fast Forward

I agree with you Palin. What you eat is not what should be the focus. Ever. Good point.

Oprah gives a few digs about being an Obama supporter.

McCain is not ever about empowering women. Gimme a break. I can't believe you would say that right after you claim that his "team" tried to force you on a diet.

The clothes issue. I agree that they probably blew it out of proportion, but the McCain campaign was trying to create a narrative of "A Hero and A Hottie"

Thanks for bringing up Hillary. Real feminist.

Soundbites spoonfed to an inexperienced candidate? Never.

Did you stop them? Unfortunately not enough.

She just said "Went Rogue." Blech.

Are you going to call out those who were trying to keep the status quo? People did want change, you "claim" to have been ready to provide change, but your supporters and many of your sound bites tout traditionalism, the good ole days, and protecting the status quo. Any comments?

Commercial Break=Fast Forward

Katie Couric

Feigned shock does not go over well with Oprah.

"I never expected a journalist to investigate. I was unprepared."

Reality show stars blame editing. We stopped buying that excuse about on Apprentice 1.

Joe Biden gaffes do not equal not reading anything.

I do agree that many people treat Alaska like a foreign country, but she should have at least said WSJ or NYT.

With all due respect to "the perky one." I think the respect is hidden under all of the disdain.

Abortion is not an "easy situation." Aren't you glad you had the opportunity to make that CHOICE? Your baby is truly wanted and blessed to have parents who aren't forced to "put up" with him.

Commercial Break

Levi's choices are his. "I don't want to talk about it." "I judge his 'porn' and how he's not around."

"We're not into the drama, but buy my book that teases about drama-city within the McCain campaign."

Now I get to take a drive with her and see what a true hockey mom she is.

Mmmmm....Caramel apples.

Cute costumes.

I like how she discusses her marriage as a partnership.

Election night---disappointment and spin. Blah Blah Blah.

Oprah, I can't believe you're doing the "What about the children?" question. If she had become Veep or Pres, there would be staff to handle the kids. Just like there is probably staff for others. I hate when people make me agree with Sarah Palin.

She just said CHOICES when speaking about women without a trace of irony. Gimme a puke pail. Blech.

The resignation=if you are elected for a second term, that is not just so you can run for office again. Your constituents want you to do your fucking job!!!!! And now we blame the resignation on Obama. Stay classy.

OOO...she just interrupted Oprah. Not a good idea.

Boy-how, I hate it when people use gun terminology when speaking of politics.

Presidential Run? Stick to the talking points. Ordinary Americans?

Final Question=Sarah Palin Talk Show? God I hope so. It'll be better than Tony Danza. But she gave a pretty classy answer.

Take away--Buy the book.

And we just Went Rogue.

What a crapfest. Thanks for coming along.

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