Thursday, October 15, 2009

This just in....

I am fat. I also have a big nose. I am not considered attractive by many high school students. I resemble a fat penguin. I eat so much that it boggles the mind of one young boy. (I'm not sure how he knows how much I'm eating, so maybe I should install some security devices at my house.)

All of this makes me a bad teacher.

Yay for assholes in my morning class.

I should not be upset about finding all of this bullshit on a homework assignment that the student in question wrote his name on and left on his desk. I should be grateful that my mere existence is so powerful that it confuses this student so much,

But still...hateful words hurt. I'm going to feel better, but for now I'm pretty sad/pissed.


  1. If I would have been there, there would have been some butt-kickin' coming his way! No, seriously, I would have flipped out on him. I love you.

  2. Don't let the little fugg'n bastard get you down! You are a more valuble person who has a contribution to give this earth than some snively little piss-ant whose parents forgot to teach him what really matters in a human being.

    Tell him that it boggles your mind (and mine, for that matter) that he doesn't have one, or a spine as well!

    That little shnit done pissed off the wrong woman! HRUMMMPH!!!

  3. I meant to say sniveling--sniveling little little piss-ant!
    Yeh; yeh!

  4. Gotta give some credit for moxey. But did the assignment meet the criteria? Was it well written? Does one get extra credit for disrespect? I'd ask him in for a face to face, make sure HE actually wrote the essay, tell him that to respond to his criticism would validate him, and that he has not earned that honor. I'd suggest how shallow the value of his appearance judgement is, and how destructive (but necessary) challenging authority can be. Then suggest, without being specific, that behaviors best criticized are observed in the mirror. Hold him there for a good twenty minutes. Share the document and your wisdom with his parents. Send him away with a smile and encouragement. Oh hell, send him up here. We're always needing stinky bait.


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