Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This is the time of year that makes me feel simultaneously young and old. I feel young because I can dress in comfy tees, tanks, and jeans, I can wear flip flops, and my hair can be unkempt and sexy at the same time. This is what life was like for me in my teens.

I feel old because I have to remind myself that there are many days that I must dress professionally, wear bulky shoes, and keep my hair organized. I have to speak clearly and carefully, and I must never, repeat NEVER flip the bird.

The sunshine that pours down in New Mexico this time of year is nearly impossible to avoid. I can get a tan in my living room, and I like this feature of my state. I don't enjoy the oppressive heat that often accompanies the sun. So some days I don't actually see the wonderful sun, for fear that I will burst into flames.

I am trying to treat my city and my self with reverence. I want to enjoy all of the wonderful things to do in my small corner of the world, but I just need to motivate myself.

Tomorrow, we will head out the door early.


  1. Revel in that precious sun; my sweet daughter, because it is truly a magnificent thing. The blue skies there are a blessing as well. :)

  2. Lovely post - this made me feel like summertime!


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