Friday, March 27, 2009

Yogurt: Food or Phallus?

Yogurt. As we all know, it's not food. It's an escape from food, an escape from fear of getting fat, an escape from your job or family. Now yogurt is also a sexual gratification tool. Dannon has a new commercial out for Light & Fit. I find this commercial frustrating for several reasons, but you should see it for yourself.

Dannon is quick to remind us that the reason we want to buy Light & Fit is because it won't make us any fatter. 20 extra calories in a yogurt is enough to make one balloon up to the size of a "normal" person.

Then we are snapped into a grocery store where an attractive woman is shopping in a yogurt aisle. (Why is there an entire aisle dedicated to yogurt when I have searched and found only about 5 major brands? I swear, one day there will be an entire fucking yogurt store.) This woman aggressively rips open a container of the not-fat-making Light & Fit and sticks the yogurt around her mouth. She then proceeds to suck the yogurt out of the cup, hands free, as the cup deflates. There is a sickly slurping sound to accompany this spectacle. Why? For the seductive, bashful yet naughty face she makes after she is finished. This woman was satisfied by quickly swallowing creamy yogurt.

Do we feel grossed out yet?

Now, it has been my understanding that yogurt is for women.

But this commercial seems to be trying to shift the demographic from grey-hoodied Masters housewives to Judd Apatow and his army of brain donors. This commercial says, "Stay skinny! Swallow! Ask for more!" to the women. But it seems to also hint that guys should think their yogurt hording women are "yogurting" (yeah, I made it up) for the pleasure of their men.

Can I just eat yogurt without it having to be a sexual act? I would like to have one act in my life not be sexualized for the sake of some other group which (ostensibly) doesn't even care about the very food I am supposed to hock.

Buy Brown Cow, stuff it Dannon!


  1. I don't think I LIKE yogurt...

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  3. I like Yogurt and eat the light variety.
    I also refuse to eat Light and Fit.
    The ad is just disgusting and personally I think the blonde is icky-looking.
    She might be attractive but who can tell when she is warping her expression to wipe 'yogurt' off her face.

  4. it's absolutely disgusting. i'm glad you posted this! The commercial bugs me so much i had to google it and this post came up. ugh. all it makes me want to do is boycott all things dannon. :)

  5. I just googled "disgusting light and fit yogurt commerical" and came across your blog. I hate that commercial! It is beyond gross. I rather eat another 50 calories than buy the Light and Fit brand it makes me want to vomit every time I see it.

  6. if there was any yogurt commercial that ever made me NOT want to eat yogurt it was this one! Do the people at dannon have any manors or do they all slurp their food?! Watching it makes my skin crawl - just plain bad advertising!

  7. Disgusting "food". Would never date a woman who buys into all this "don't be fat, eat this slop".

  8. Thank you THANK YOU! I noticed the same thing. That women are the ones who buy yogurt and make most purchase decisions. I also get that she is "sucking the bottom out" of the yogurt she stole. I hate this ad so much I wrote the company and I refuse to this day to buy their crap. BYW I eat yogurt almost every day. I referenced your article in a poll I posted on Sodahead. So get ready for some comments. Thanks for speaking out.


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