Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going to the doctor.

I have been spoiled over the last year. During my pregnancy I had a pretty fat friendly midwife, so I was not berated for reproducing in my socially unacceptable state. All of the doctors and midwives that I have seen during my "recovery" from childbirth were polite and comforting.

Today I must go to the gynecologist. My birth control has just run out, and if you're not clear on how that might terrify me, ask my daughter Judith. Not only could I not get an appointment with a midwife, but I am going to a male gynecologist. I have never had a male gyno. I am very nervous about this aspect, but even more nervous about how he will treat me. Will he see a professional woman who would like to control her reproductive life? Will he see an "unfuckable" who doesn't need birth control because no one wants to sleep with a fatty? Will he tell me I'm too fat for his practice and admonish me to go on a diet before I can have my beloved birth control pills?

I hate to be so cynical, but since so many people have had problems with fat phobic doctors, I think my fear is founded. I am preparing my responses to diet talk, but I don't know if I will be as witty when I'm naked and cold with a light on my genitals.

Wish me luck.

Update: I went to the doctor. He was very pleasant, and he didn't even mention weight or diet. He made me feel comfortable and didn't keep me in there all day. Sorry for the paranoia, and thanks for the well wishes.


  1. Even when you have the best relationship with the gynocologist, that is the most humbling situation.

    There are worse things, but I think that the fact that we feel so vulnerable during an exam just compounds the ick-factor.

    Hope all went as well as can be.

  2. Great good luck in your adventure. I hope you get a great gyno, and that he is fat-friendly and feminist!


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