Saturday, January 31, 2009

Skype pigs

So my mom and I were trying to figure out how to video chat, and we were trying to discuss Skype. I had my Skype open so I could try to explain or understand how to find my mom (couldn't). Anyways, I have now recieved several invites for video sex as well as some bizarre messages.

Why on earth do people troll around looking for people like this? I simply blocked them and told them no, but it just seems so strange. I'm bored. I'm on the computer. Yet I haven't once solicited anonymous virtual sex from anyone. I am unable to wrap my head around this.

Anyway, just a little update from my manor.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going to the doctor.

I have been spoiled over the last year. During my pregnancy I had a pretty fat friendly midwife, so I was not berated for reproducing in my socially unacceptable state. All of the doctors and midwives that I have seen during my "recovery" from childbirth were polite and comforting.

Today I must go to the gynecologist. My birth control has just run out, and if you're not clear on how that might terrify me, ask my daughter Judith. Not only could I not get an appointment with a midwife, but I am going to a male gynecologist. I have never had a male gyno. I am very nervous about this aspect, but even more nervous about how he will treat me. Will he see a professional woman who would like to control her reproductive life? Will he see an "unfuckable" who doesn't need birth control because no one wants to sleep with a fatty? Will he tell me I'm too fat for his practice and admonish me to go on a diet before I can have my beloved birth control pills?

I hate to be so cynical, but since so many people have had problems with fat phobic doctors, I think my fear is founded. I am preparing my responses to diet talk, but I don't know if I will be as witty when I'm naked and cold with a light on my genitals.

Wish me luck.

Update: I went to the doctor. He was very pleasant, and he didn't even mention weight or diet. He made me feel comfortable and didn't keep me in there all day. Sorry for the paranoia, and thanks for the well wishes.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Tomorrow is my birthday. It is also the day that the state I have lived in my entire life became a member of the United States. It is also the date that Samuel Morse successfully tested the telegraph. There are a lot of other things that happened on my birthday, and you can decide which is most important by looking at Wikipedia.

My mother just left after an extended stay, and it is a bummer since we could have spent the day together. It was a great Christmas and Birthday present to have her here with my daughter and I. Thanks for giving birth mom, and thanks for always supporting me.

I am hoping to secure a sitter, drive to the only sushi place in town, eat, and go to bed early. Over Christmas break I gave myself the gift of my own breasts, as I weaned my daughter. I might buy some boots and some dishes, but I can't really think of "stuff" that I want for my birthday.

Thanks to all of my "readers." I really feel connected to a world of people that I would not be able to find in the "meat world." Even though I am not always insightful, you all often give me a purpose to write, and that is something a procrastinator like me needs.

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