Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sarah Haskins=My Secret Internet Bestie

I have to agree with Ms. Haskins on this shit. Cars are being marketed in the most obnoxious way to women. How about the whole Routan ad campaign? Women only want cars to hold their many babies. I know it is supposed to be cheeky, but each commercial shows a pregnant woman and her husband. One child does not necessitate a fucking SUV. You can cart one kid around in a tiny car, or, heaven forbid, on a bike or foot (depending on your town's layout.)

Maybe women want to buy cars to get them from place to place. Maybe we want something that is fuel efficent, safe, roomy, and dependable.

Or maybe we want a substitute for sex in the form of four wheels and a V6.


  1. Nah. It's not about getting place to place. Just ask my Sentra.

  2. You KNOW I'm all about sexy transportation! My old, stinky, junkster Jeep is as va-va-voom as you can get! (snark!)

    BTW, I linked to you in my last post (yeah; I finally got it!)


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