Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is wrong with this image?

I was hunting for a ladybug costume for my daughter on I have had no luck in town, as the only costumes for babies seem to be lambs and monkeys or ladybug sacks. A sack just will not do, as my daughter likes to move around, so I have to find just the right one.

Let me tell you, this is not a costume that I ever want to buy for my daughter.

Preteen Sexy Ladybug Costume. Preteen!!! Preteen equals ages 10-12. Do we really want to give them costumes that emphasize the fact that they can only be valued for their bodies? I thought that starting at 15 was early enough to start dehumanizing women, but obviously there is a valuable and exploitable market that needs to be sexualized.

I am also disgusted that there are tons of people that will feel that they can "blame" preteens for being "too sexy" and deserving any abuse from men.

As a mother, I fear for the day that my daughter asks for a sexy preteen anything. Hopefully I am instiling the feminist values in her that will make her feel as if she is more than an object of desire for others to ogle and use at their will. Hopefully she will feel like she can be a child while she is still a child.

But I may be wrong. From what I hear, it's all the feminists who are over-sexualizing our daughters anyway.


  1. Hey, M.

    I have found the appropriate costume for the confident, smart and discriminating lady-bug. Not to worry: I'll just zip on down to the store where I spied it(and resisted mightily so as not to seem like the PUSHY grama!) Fingers crossed, they still have it.

    Love you much!

    Yo' momma!

  2. Well, you have to admit...she does look a little sexy. NOT! This kind of crap seriously makes me so mad. Like this

    You read it right...

  3. I would wear that--im 12 going on 13 in a few months. my mother would let me--to school even My father would question me but let me. why? because they know and I know they raised me better then to disrespect myself or let anyone disrespect me. on an average day i would not dress like that. and its just feeling good about how pretty you are. Think about it lady. and to tell you the TRUTH i still have not had a boyfriend. why. because i dont want to not because i cant but because i dont want to. it gets me so mad when preteens and KIDS say theyre in love. its stupid. anyways thinka bout it. peace.

  4. i would wear that and im 14. i have worn the adult version before and it doesnt really matter. like the karla girl said, "its just one nite and were not asking for sum creeper to come outa the shadows and do bad things to us" if we were really asking that, people wuld go in there underwear. im kinda kinda upset about this because younge girls shuld be able to feel pretty at least ONE night a year. im 14 and iv NEVER had a boy friend. again like karla said, itz stupid. its FAKE love, get over it and wait. just keep in mind that girls mature faster than boys and that wen ur daughter wants to sumthing like this later on, let her. she'll be smart enof and educated by then to no wat to do IF anything happens but more likly, nothing will. like they say.."ur more likly to get hit by falling cocnut and die that for ur plane to crash" =) HAPPY HALLOWEEN! PEACE


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