Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why is it...

...that every time that I go to McDonald's for a milkshake, their damn milkshake machine is broken? I love a vanilla milkshake now and then, but it seems that the universe doesn't want me to have one. I love to get a milkshake, drink it, and moan about the sugary tummy ache I get from drinking too fast.

Milkshakes were my total favorite when I was pregnant, and when I drink one now, I am reminded of that time. But McDonald's wishes to deprive me of this joy, by not fixing their machines when I'm having a craving.

Guess I better find a new milk shake vendor.


  1. My go-to shake place was always the
    Sonic.(They don't have those here. I'm SO deprived!) You could also try the rootbeer shakes at A&W with some taquitos in Aztec.
    I'm getting even More home-sick!
    :o( Miss you.

  2. My dad used to stop at a dairy in Los Lunas where they had rad shakes. A different special flavor (peanut butter, bacon/maple, blackberry, banananut, persimmon) was on the chalkboard menu every week. We'd slurp while he rollercoasted through the big dips in the highway. Never could drink slowly to avoid the headache. 'ISCREAM!'
    Avoid McPlastic shakes, wild drivers, oversize straws, and getting frustrated over things you don't control. (makes you old) Secondly, create spectacular memories for your little one. (makes you young...ish)
    Lecture over, and yes, I said bacon.


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