Saturday, August 9, 2008

Locked Out

So in this new house, we have a garage door opener. The garage is our primary point of exit and entrance, so we usually just lock the exterior doors and then enter and exit through the garage. Yesterday I ran some errands and called my husband to ask if he wanted lunch. He passed on lunch, so Judith and I just went home.

I opened the garage and walked to the interior door. It was locked. I walked around to the front door, and tried my key in the lock. No luck. I walked to the windows, and found that I couldn't remove screens without damage, or that one open window was just large enough for me to get stuck in (ala Winnie the Pooh in the Honey tree). So I called my husband and told him he was getting lunch, because I needed keys.

I drove out to his warehouse, shared some fries and took his keys from him. I drove back home and stuck his key in the lock.

No dice.

So Judith and I went swimming at my uncle's house. Lemons and lemonade you know. Jason figured out how to get into the house. Now we just need to figure out this damn key situation.


  1. I still think this story is way funny. I picture you running around the house, frantically, with Judy trying to chase you around and keep up. Good times.

  2. Hey, JUdle-Bug is so smart she could have probably picked the lock, entered the house, made two PB&J's and beenwaiting for you on the couch; all while re-programing the DVD player for ya! ;) XXOO Sorry, those kind of situations suck, but I like your solution. Thank God for Uncle B.! Love, mom

  3. Now I know why you moved back... better lemonade.


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