Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh Shit!

New house, new problems. The home that my husband and I moved into is a bit older, but by no means ancient. My husband has been here for about 3 weeks, and my daughter and I have been here about 5 days.

Today while I was showering, I noticed that the water wasn't draining very well. I shrugged it off, and finished up. Then I got out of the shower and I heard the toilet gurgling. Not good. I lifted the lid and noticed that the bowl was empty. Suspicious, but not nearly as alarming a toilet incident as I have experienced (if I get three requests for the story, I'll tell it).

At this point my daughter was fussing, so I moved on and tended to her. I went into the laundry area to get a diaper, and I noticed the floor was wet. Gross on bare feet. I called my husband and he said he'd look at it when he got home.

Then I decided to wash the clothes that were now soaked on the laundry room floor.


About 15 minutes later I heard more gurgling, and I saw soap in the toilet bowl. I opened the shower door and saw something horrifying.

Poo, in chunks, was spread about the surface on which I stand when I attempt to get clean. Ugh!

So I turned off the washer (I should have known better, but I'm gonna go ahead and blame jet lag), and called my husband. He said a plumber was in order.

So I called a plumber and they promptly came to snake the drains. It was gross, but they said it would only be 183 dollars. That is fair for running a cable through a tube of poop. Then they had to remove the toilet, because every other avenue was not solving the problem. Turns out that is 159 dollars extra.

Oh Shit!


  1. No shit, "O shit!" What a pain in the ass!!! I hope that everything is okay now. Let us know if there is anything we can do, like help with the plumbing bill, or sumpthin'. Love, K & M

  2. Nasty! I was talking to dad today, and he couldn't believe it cost that much. I guess it's because of the plumber having to move the toilet. Sorry. Hopefully this is the last issue you have in this house--at least for a while. Love you!

  3. I was discouraged from sending a clip with one of my favorite sound bites; The joyous bon voyage generated by the invention of Mr. Crapper. The BOSS claims you'd have no humor just now. After being where you are, I celebrate that sound every time. Tips for next time: Run the snake down the vent from the roof to avoid pulling the toilet. When the line clears a bit, turn the hot water heater up to dangerous levels (don't forget later!), and trickle a bit through the line for an hour. Yup, waste energy and water, I said it. Spend the money on a camera exam of the line. If collapsed or damaged, fork over the $$$ to fix it, and look into recovering some of the money from the seller. If the line is sound, that's worth knowing too. Get a strainer screen for your washer and showers, don't put cooking oils into the sink, and watch that adorable kiddo when she begins HER flush fascination. Ship her up here the next time you plan a disaster and we'll care for her. And thanks for not posting pics. K


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