Saturday, July 5, 2008


I haven't written in a while, mostly due to the move and the wonderful trip to Alaska, and I don't even know what to write about now. I just have the itch to blog, and so I think I will do some fluff.


  1. Okay, how cute; but aren't the owners worried the pup might drown? Hello! I know it's a lab but, but it's still a baby. I know, I'm just a worri-wort... Love, Mom XXOO

  2. So friggin' cute! Sleepy puppies always win for cuteness.

  3. That's funny you would say that about the toys. Not ten minutes ago, Joey bumped the lid on the shapes box with his nose. Me thinks he wanted to dump it over for easier access to the very cool plastic thingys! XXOO Love, Mommy


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