Thursday, June 19, 2008


Until a few days ago I had a rash on my eyelids. My freaking eyelids, folks. They were red and flaky and itchy and dry. It was gross. This rash was brought on by stress. I was finishing up grades for seniors, I had just accepted the task of grading papers for a class that never got a teacher (way to go school-I-used-to-work-for), we decided to move, I was applying for jobs, and I am flying to Alaska to visit my mom for two weeks.

I had a bit on my plate. This all piled up inside of me and exited through my eyelids. A week ago my eyelids began to heal. Then a few days later my former employers called me, and sure as shit, my eyelids started to itch while I was on the phone! Then my new employer(?) called me, and my eyelids cleared up completely.


Now, it's t-minus two days until we move/I leave for Alaska, and I'm not quite packed yet (but much closer thanks to my sister and her husband!)so I can't sleep. I feel like I need to be doing stuff, but I am paralyzed. (Also, I'm scared to be alone, even though I am a grown woman.) Frustration central!

As soon as I get to Saturday, I will be okay, but I have to make it two more days. Wish me luck.


  1. Luck!

    (of the good variety, even though you didn't specify) ;)

  2. Awww,Sweetie; just make it to the plane and you'll be on your way to some major pampering! XXOO

  3. How's this for stress relief... In anchorage, it's mandatory to visit the chocolate waterfall. Real mmmm good chocolate, cascading from several stories up! Also, the ultimate margarita is made with glacial ice which is much denser, sweeter and takes hours to melt. Reindeer sausage omelets and blueberry vinaigrette salads (better hurry, the moose are eyeing the lettuce), cool temps and clean salt air, make-you-cry-scenery with tumbling water, dense greenery, turquoise lakes and more exotic critters than you can count... all anxiously waiting for y'all to show up in a few hours... ;) K


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