Monday, June 9, 2008

Old Music

Tonight we were listening to the Flobots while we tinkered around the house. The horns in "Handlebars" reminded me of Cake. I jumped on iTunes to look for new Cake music.

Right on the first page was an announcement that iTunes is now carrying Radiohead albums. As a recent convert to the Radiohead fanbase, I began browsing the catalogue. There is a Best Of album for 20 bucks, but I'm not sure that I want to spend that on a download right now. (For those of you who know Radiohead, give me your opinion on this matter.)

After my detour into Radiohead country, I went back to my original search, and I found a new album by Cake. It was only 8 bucks, so I bought it without even sampling any of the songs. I love Cake (music and dessert). We played the new album through, and the old album (Fashion Nugget) came on. I was going to change it to something else, but I found that Fashion Nugget is as great now as it was when I first bought it in high school.

I am moving now, and as a result I will soon be going through everything, including my music library. I am looking forward to finding more "gems" from my past.

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  1. Cool; I'll have to revisit some of Cake. I have to admit that sometimes Radiohead reminds me of U2. I know: sacrilege! Love, mom ;o)


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