Monday, June 2, 2008

Moving...Part I

Who knows how long this series will be, but we are moving.

My husband has been offered a new job in my hometown, and so we are going. I applied for a job at the local high school, and I was originally not offered (I only have 2 years experience, the other applicants had at least 10), but I received a call today with an offer for a recently vacated position. Things are looking up.

As for leaving this house, we are having some issues. My husband and I are new to the living minimally idea, and as such we have been slowly letting go of material possessions. However, it takes a grand event in our lives (birth of a child, moving) for us to truly purge. We have been giving things away, selling things, and tossing things, all to minimize the effort in moving. Just the other day, my husband took a load to the dump that embarrassed both of us. We couldn't believe that after the give-aways and the sales, we still had that much shit to throw away. Most of it was "yard debris" but it was still appalling.

We are taking this opportunity to turn over a new leaf. We will no longer allow our possessions to posses us. As a family, we are committed to using less.

Let's see what the move brings.


  1. That's wonderful! What is the position? I am so excited and proud for you guys. How do you manage to get rid of shtuff? I have alot of trouble in that realm. (I'll bet you didn't know that about me!) Love, mom. :o)

  2. But... What ARE we if not a sum of our possessions? Can one have too many tools, money, or motorcycles? I think not! (ask LEE) My dream is to have people drool at the estate sale marking my death. There is no satisfaction like finally needing the thingamawhatsit you stashed (somewhere?) years before. What you young idealists fail to realize is that you CANNOT quantify things like character, love-ability, and principles. If you can't measure it, you can't be sure it's really there. Minimalist living is just not being able to afford much stuff. So quit whining and grease your elbows and get after lugging the sum total of your life to a less metro-activist realm where good stuff is appreciated. K

  3. Hey,sorry it's me aain! Thought you might like to check out these guys... Love, mom


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