Friday, June 6, 2008


Yesterday I went to the produce store. I walked, so I arrived close to the close of the store. I hurried around, trying to make healthy, frugal selections. I had a basket full of fruit and vegetables. Normally this amount of produce runs me about 25 bucks. I forgot that gas prices have skewed food prices, and my total was $35. Normally, I would just put the money on my debit card and not worry about it. But for some reason, I decided to only bring cash, and I only had $30.

This vexed the cashier (this man always seems vexed though), as he thought he was going to have to re-ring every item (minus a few) for a total of $30. He called over the manager, a man who has seen me come to that store for 7 years, and asked for help. The manager just waved it off, and said it was no big deal.

He gave me $5 worth of fruit and vegetables. That is a lot, especially to many people with food insecurity. As a pay it back, I am taking $5 to the produce stand, and I am also going to pay it forward by donating to a pantry this week.

Humanity and kindness, yay!


  1. Very nice. So good for the soul.

  2. It is always a pleasant surprise to get free stuff. Like the other day when Doug and I went to Dion's and had to wait an hour for our food, at which time we went to the counter to check on it. They had forgotten about it or something, so they gave us our money back and gave us double the food! Good idea to "pay it forward". I wish I would have thought of that. Next time, I will help you pay it can give ME five dollars...hoo ha.

  3. Amanda, you always make me lol!


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