Thursday, May 8, 2008

This will definitely solve the problem.

This is a story that has been unfolding here in New Mexico for a couple of weeks, and it has been pissing me off the whole time.

Clifford Gutierrez had sexually "groped" several women, young girls and at least one young boy. In a bizarre plea deal, jail time was deferred so that the offender could move away and register as a sex offender. the only reason that this criminal assaulted these victims was because they lived in the same town. Yeah, and this criminal is not going to ever "grope" anyone ever again, because he was compelled to by those specific victims in his hometown.

Sounds a bit like blaming the victim to me.

And what's more, the judge doesn't seem to take the safety of the residents of Bernalillo or Sandoval counties into consideration. He is just dumping this problem out of his jurisdiction.



  1. I have followed this stoy as well; with great interest. The logic behind the judge's decision fails to amuse me what so ever. It smacks of "He's no OUR problem, now." Landlords refusing to rent to this POS all over Bernalillo and Sandoval counties should help. He belongs in prison, period. If he is not incarcerated; his behaviour will only escalate. Unbelievable. mom

  2. I don't see the problem... The precedent is set for the populated counties to plea-bargain large numbers of offenders to residence in Mora county, though I suspect many would prefer prison. K


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