Saturday, May 3, 2008

Moving On

My family will soon be leaving the "sprawling metropolis" in the center of The Land of Enchantment.

I am very nervous. We are moving back to (or near) my hometown. This is a move that I have talked about ever since graduating from college, but now that it is real, it seems like a brand new idea. Now I am confronted with grown up dilemmas. How do we sell our house in a sinking market? How do we buy a house out of town? What if we have to rent? What will we do with the dogs? Where will I find reliable childcare? What if the zombies come?

As usual, when I am confronted with stressful situations, I spin out of control. I am trying to finish out the school year with my students, but I am distracted by another life change (last year it was pregnancy). I have learned how to focus a bit more, though, so I think everything will be fine.

I will continue to update about the move. I'm sure with the bossy help from my sister, everything will go smoothly. ;) (love ya Amanda)


  1. I'm really excited for you guys! I know that I am constantly harping for a move to the North; but I know how much you've wished for this. All will be well: you will be surrounded by people that love you; so you won't go wrong! xxoo mma

  2. Still sad. Railrunner, make some tracks to the F-town!


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