Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Elvis Lives!

At least that is what my daughter thinks. We have a very tacky, very cheap velvet Elvis painting in our house. My daughter has always been drawn to this image. Lately, when she is unhappy and she sees this picture, she cheers up instantly. Neither my husband nor I are necessarily fans of Elvis (the picture found us by accident and we kept it as a joke), so this

is the only exposure Judith has had to the King.

Until yesterday, that is. My sister and I decided to YouTube a couple of Elvis clips, and it was amazing. Judith smiled, squealed, and began "dancing" around. It was so adorable. As a result, I have decided that Elvis will be added to our music library.

In honor of my daughter, here is a bit of Elvis for your enjoyment.


  1. OMG! Judith is Elvis' mother reincarnated! jk! {:0) love, mom.

  2. I love Judy, she is such a freak. With teefers and whatnot.


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