Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ads on the Moon?

I was flipping through the channels the other day and I stopped on a Rolling Rock commercial. It appears that Rolling Rock is going to try to beam an advertisement for beer on our Moon. According to their ad-site, they are going to do this on Friday, March 21. I (lightly) searched the internet to verify the sincerity of this commercial, but I hardly even found a blog commenting on it, let alone a sponsored statement.

I can't even begin to tell you how sad it makes me to think that we are finally here. Beaming ads on the moon seems like it belongs in a dystopian apocalyptic movie. Who gets paid for the ad space? If I were to offer up my forehead to a startup dot com, I would be paid for that space. If Pepsi wants to be featured in the next Top Chef, they have to pay. Who is selling the moon?

I do not want to think of what might follow if this RR ad actually happens. Every night there is a full moon, there will be thousands of corporations beaming light into the sky, trying to force their way onto the surface. And, assuming that there is life on other planets, what happens if these signals are misinterpreted? Mars Attacks? Not to mention the fact that the beams used must take up an extraordinary amount of energy that might be better used elsewhere.

Friday night, if you skies are clear, take a look up to the heavens. We might just see the end of natural nature together.


  1. In "The Man Who Sold the Moon," D. D. Harriman sells ad space on the moon's surface, but he does so by appealing to the better nature of corporations--I didn't say it was believable fiction. That's not fair--he convinces corporations to buy the space to keep their evil competitors from buying it and actually putting an ad up there instead. No chance of us being able to convince these companies that this is a really bad idea, huh?

  2. It really does disturb me. I wish we could tell them that we would like to keep one piece of nature unmolested, but that would get in the way of profit.

  3. Like Russia placing a flag on the sea floor under the ice cap, I hereby claim the moon, in that all the abandoned junk left there belongs to us. And while I believe the ultimate flat screen would best lend itself to B/W movies or Gilligan's island, I'm sure the economics of wasted energy will require ads in space, with other-worlders convinced that earthlings are green lizards and clydedales with erectile dysfunction frustrated by girls gone wild with reliable pads. If that doesn't keep the creepy little moon-eyed bastards away from Roswell...


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