Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

I caucused today. I woke up this morning consumed with anticipation. I have always loved voting. My parents took me with them when they voted, and today I got to carry on that tradition with my daughter. She won't remember it, but she went to vote with her mother for the first time, she was involved in a historical moment.

We had the opportunity to choose between Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton. I will be so pleased with either as the Democratic nominee. I look forward to a general election with either of these two. Both want to truly change the country for the better, both want to open doors for the disenfranchised in this country, both want to restore the reputation of the United States. I can't wait to see how either of these candidates take on the idocracy that will be promoted by either McCain or Romney (sorry Huckabee, I don't think it will happen).

We are on the edge of greatness, and I am glad that my daughter and I were a part of it.

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