Friday, February 15, 2008

Blaming the Victim...

(or, What if we treated victims of other crimes like we treat rape victims?)

There was another shooting at a college. The details aren't important because this happens all the time and people should just get used to it already. It's obvious that random shootings are a natural response from young white men, so we should be complacent to this already.

Several people were shot, but they should know better. What are they doing, sitting in a classroom, not wearing Kevlar, unarmed? Don't they know that college campuses are hunting grounds for some? Those students should know better, and it is up to them to protect their selves from such violent acts.

If this sounds calloused to you, it should. I do not believe that shootings, or violence of any type, should be taken lightly. I am merely trying to make a point that we treat rape victims with this much disdain, insensitivity, and absurdity every day.

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