Saturday, January 5, 2008


My daughter is now two-weeks old, and I feel like we have a bit of a routine going. I finally have a moment to blog. This has been the most interesting two weeks of my life. I am so pleased to have a healthy and happy baby, and I am so terrified about how to deal with a new life that depends on me.

I have been blessed to have a husband that is involved, and he was able to take off work for 2 weeks to help me adjust, but mostly he has been bonding, and now he doesn't want to go back to work. I wish he could stay home too.

Now I am faced with a billion questions. Which vaccines are necessary? How much should I feed her? Is she getting enough sleep? Should I throw the television out the window? The overarching question is will I be a good enough parent for her?

I like to think that the simple act of asking these questions puts me on the road to being a good parent, but I want to be sure. I will take advice from anyone who is truly trying to help (i.e. not assholes like Jasper).


  1. I concur that the fact that you're asking these questions is a sign of an excellent future as a parent. ;)

    My suggestion is: Take your cues from her whenever possible -- and from your own body -- my experience has been that learning the difference between "fussy" crying and "something's wrong" crying was a very visceral experience.

    And see if spouse can get a couple more weeks off! -- this time is magic, and important, imo, for all of you -- every dad (and mom) deserves at least six weeks to just bond with the babe -- the fact that we don't offer this automatically as a culture pisses me off no end.

    I've been waiting with bated breath to hear how it's going. Blessings to you all three.

  2. Oh, and the subject of vaccines -- such a thorny issue for me (and other parents that I've known). Do you have a doctor that you trust?

  3. We just started with a new pediatrician, so we'll see. I have a little more than a month to do some research about the vaccines. I agree that vaccines have in some cases saved civilization, but some vaccines are not really necessary. I just need to know which ones.


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