Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The importance of choice

Yesterday was Blogging for Choice day, but as I can't get my crap together, I am a day late.

There are many reasons to vote pro-choice. The health, sanity, and equality of women in inextricably wrapped up in their reproductive functions. Women are still seen as vessels for the human race, and they are considered solely responsible for their children and their actions well past childhood. Women are still denied work, health coverage, equal pay, and respect as a result of the possibility that they may bear children.

Carrying a pregnancy to term is difficult. Labor is difficult. Raising a child is difficult. That doesn't mean that some people can do these things. There are millions of women that can and do every day. There are also millions of women that have difficulty with these tasks. Physical or mental illness, poverty, abusive relationships, and career plans can all cause a woman to choose not to have a child.

But some people also just do not want to be parents. There is no other reason. And guess what? There shouldn't have to be any other reason. Plenty of men who didn't want to be fathers just walked away. Women are not allowed this option. Until recently (historically), women were not allowed any option. 35 years ago women were given an option. Contrary to the cries of opponents, the human race has continued. Children are still being born.

Pro-Choice works for everyone. See, I am pro-choice, yet I have a child. I've never had an abortion. No one came to my door to tell me to abort, even though the law allows me to have one. As an advocate of pro-choice, I have never told anyone to have an abortion. I celebrate the decisions that women make regarding their own reproductive health and future. Anti-choice advocates never think about if "anti-choice" were turned in the other direction. What if the government forced all undesirables to abort their pregnancies? To me, that is as disturbing as forcing people who don't want children to have them.

Yesterday I found out that my state still has a law on the books that makes abortion illegal. The passing of Roe v. Wade has made that law null, but if Roe is ever overturned, the women in my state will not have safe, legal abortions available to them. This will force women to seek out dangerous means of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. This will surely kill or maim women. I am now going to do what I can to see that my state repeals this law, so that women are not forced to put their lives at risk.

One thing about voting pro-choice, it can help decrease the number of abortions. Pro-choice laws and candidates are also more likely to include birth control options. If the number of unwanted pregnancies are decreased, the number of abortions decreases.

Vote pro-choice, and then decide for yourself if you ever need to.

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