Saturday, September 15, 2007

Don't bring the Kids.

Thanks to PortlyDyke all five of my readers can now be clear on what type of audience I am trying to reach.

Coming soon, to a desktop near you!!! Explosions! Sex! Violence! Nipples! Witty duos! Don't miss the blockbuster thriller of the blogs!

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  1. Late to the game, darlin', but I've been catching up on my blog reading since my parents left.

    I'm proud to be one of your 5 (or 6 -- or however many) readers.

    I hereby grant you special dispensation from the Portly Dyke (did I already do this once?) to just be pregnant and enjoy yourself.

    You are bringing a completely unique being onto our planet. Who knows what that Being will bring to us? That is enough of a job to do right now. I love getting to read you when you have time to blog, but I fully support you to take whatever time you need to MAKE THAT BABY!


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