Friday, August 3, 2007

Maternity Clothes

So I ordered some maternity clothes the other day, and they came in yesterday. I have to say I am pretty disappointed. While it is a vast improvement over the tents with bows that I remember my aunts wearing, maternity fashion is just...well...not.

Some of you may be saying, "Go to a secondhand store. Wear some of your husband's clothes. Have you tried Target?" Those are pretty good suggestions, for "average" sized women. I am plus-sized (plus what, I'm not sure), and so I have to shop in limited areas when not with child. Now I am relegated to the online world of Lane Bryant Maternity, which is nice, but I really must try on clothes before I wear them.

For example, I picked out this very cute, flowey shirt, and when I put it on it was sheer, and showed way too much boob. Also, it was already sort of tight on my belly, and I have 4 months to go. This bummed me out, because now I have to ship it back and find something else that I want that will look that cute.

Now, I know that not all is lost, but it is almost time for me to go back to work as a teacher, and I need professional looking maternity clothes. I can fit into some maternity clothes from Target, and I feel lucky that I will be able to make due. But I am very frustrated that I can't seem to find a local store that sells plus-sized maternity clothing. I live in a large city, and there are plenty of other "speciality" stores here. This should not be this difficult.

To that end, and in following the Portly Dyke's recommendation, I will contact Lane Bryant about at least carrying some maternity clothes in its store here.

If anybody has any suggestions, please feel free to fill the comments.


  1. I loved Motherhood plus sizes, which were plenty roomy on my 290 pound frame at the end of my TWIN pregnancy. And they have good teacher clothes with minimal bows. :) Lane Bryant didn't even have maternity seven years ago as far as I know. And their clothes are cheaply made at best.

  2. Motherhood does carry plus sizes that are quite roomy - and their clearance sales have good prices.

    I also find that Old Navy has (in store and online) some generously cut, cute maternity clothes. Cheaply made to be sure, they won't last through 3 kids, but through one pregnancy it's no problem.

    I have noticed though, as you point out, the low-cut exposure thing is a chronic problem. Why is 80% of maternity wear designed with a very plunging neckline?? I bought a $1 pack of safety pins and nearly all my maternity tops call for at least one pin. :P


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