Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Dog Blog

This week has been a bit disgusting, what with my previous post and the troll invasion last night over at Shakesville's Hurricane Headquarters , so I feel it is time to lighten up with a little Dog Blogging.

Toby and Marci wander through a field as we make our way back to the cabin in the Santa Fe National Forest. They love it there, but they truly are city dogs. By the end of the second day they hop in the truck and rarely get out.

Marci is not a fan of the full face shots. I think she has been watching too much America's Next Top Model, so she shoots only in profile. (I think that she fears the camera will hurt her, much in the same way that she is terrified of the phone.)

That, btw, is my backyard, and almost all of that green consists of tomato plants. They volunteered out of our compost mix that we turned in with our garden, and now we are overrun with tomato plants. I can't complain though. I love tomatoes. Maybe next week I will do a tomato blog.


  1. Those are some good looking dogs. And thanks for adding some happiness to the day.

    I choose to include fun sign blogging, since I have no pets.

  2. Must ... resist ... urge to ... LOL ... doggie pics ...


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