Friday, August 10, 2007

Cop Accused of Raping 14-year-old

This is awful. A young girl is left alone often enough to call an adult chat line and start up a conversation with a grown man. Now I know, teens should not be calling that service, and she lied about her age to do so. That is wrong, but how many lonely 14-year-old girls care about a little fudge about age? I didn't. This girl called up and had "illicit" conversations with men. How was she able to do this? Because women can call in for free, while men are charged a fee for the service.

Already, this smacks of some form of objectification. It is like ladies night in a bar, where the women get in for free, and get discounts on drinks, so that the men have easier "access" to them. It just kind of grosses me out.

So this girl speaks on the phone with Timothy Chavez, and she agrees to let him come to her house. Again, this is a stupid move, but 14-year-old girls aren't logical creatures. Someone should have been guiding her, warning her not to invite strangers into the home, but again there is a vacuum. (This is not to say that women are solely responsible for their own "protection" from men. Men should not be predators. But I was told from age 4 not to let strangers in the house, and I still don't, so obviously there was an absence of supervision for this girl.) She was home alone and Timothy Chavez, a 33-year-old former vice officer, came over.

According to the girl, she did not initiate any sexual contact with Chavez, but even if she did, any protests should have been honored. Chavez claims that she "seduced" him and that she did was "no typical 14-year-old" who lied about her age. How was he to know? Oh yeah, he's a vice cop, who used to bust underage drinkers in bars and at liquor stores. So he is fucking professionally trained to know who is younger than they claim to be. He has extensive knowledge on the subject, which makes him all the more sinister.

This poor girl can't seem to catch a break. Her own mother won't take off work to go to the trial because she doesn't believe her. She is in the camp of the rape apologists. Even if the 14-year-old girl did agree to have sex, she is not of age. She is a minor, without the capacity to make these types of decisions, especially against the expertise of a vice officer, who is trained to trick people. She was raped, and the only support she is getting is from her boyfriend.

That is right folks, a teen boy has more compassion than this girl's own mother. How depressing.

Now, I am all for the innocent avoid guilty charges, but the fact remains that Timothy Chavez, a former officer of the law, broke the fucking law. He admits to "having sex"=raping a minor. Whether or not she talks dirty on the phone, wears revealing clothing, has had sex before, or invited him to her home makes no difference. Those actions do not excuse rape, and neither should the mother, the jury, or this community.


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  1. I know this is old but I just found out this so called cop has taken his now 10 year old niece on several out of state trips just him and her on their own. Mom and dad are both aware and see nothing wrong with this. He has other nieces and nephews and children of his own yet he takes this young impressionable girl out of state on trips....sounds weird to me


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