Friday, July 27, 2007

Insurance Woes

So, I haven't had much time this week to blog. I had quite an event happen last weekend, and I am just recovering mentally from it.

On Saturday night, some idiot went off of the road three houses down. He took out a fence, a railroad tie, two large bushes, and a decorative yard light. He hit all of this without hitting the brakes, and he was only stopped by my BRAND NEW CAR.

I bought my first off-the-lot car less than a year ago. It is nothing fancy, but it is my graduation present. It is also a sedan, which is necessary in the parenthood phase of life-which I am quickly approaching.

My new car hit my brother-in-law's parked truck.

Background: My sister and her husband left the country on a mission trip. I was house sitting for them. I went to their apartment to water their plants, and noticed that his truck had been vandalized. Some brain-donor had tagged the truck bed, the tailgate, and the license plate. Feeling guilty for not sitting in the truck bed, I immediately brought the truck to my house to remove the graffiti.

Six hours later screech, smash, graffiti is not our biggest problem. And the truck was pushed into my garage door.

Thankfully, no one was injured. My husband had been leaning against the truck, smoking a cigarette. Had he not stopped to light his smoke, he would have been in between the truck and my car, on his way to the dumpster. I'll never be able to convince him to stop smoking now, "But Babe, it saved my life."

Now my life is buried in red tape. It is still summer break for me, so I get to dedicate each day to insurance bullshit without any interruptions. This is a blessing and a curse, as I am able to take care of things relatively quickly, but I also have no distractions to remind me that life is not always full of hoops of fire, through which I am expected to jump.

If any of you have any advice on what I should be doing to stay calm, please send it my way. For your pity, I have included pictures. :)

Here is the tagged truck. As you can see it is really crappy, but little did we know how crappy it was going to get.

My car is the dark blue one. It is actually not touching the ground with the back tires.

The brain-donor's car was towed away immediately. Our smashed vehicles were left in the driveway for two days before the insurance adjuster came to "investigate whether or not their client was at fault." Seriously. What the crap?


  1. My deepest, deepest sympathies.

    They should have towed the brain donor away, too.

  2. Oh Hon! I hadn't been over since before my camping trip -- so sorry about your car(s)!

    In terms of staying calm -- remember -- your preggers -- which puts everything up a notch or two. But, use this to your advantage -- remember that there is a new life growing inside you, and that, crappy as the insurance thing is, a car is a car is a car -- but that baby is priceless and irreplaceable -- let the tiny tad help you keep perspective.

    Giving you some extra pats and hugs to help with "Lonely Blogger" syndrome.


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