Monday, July 9, 2007

Don't objectify yourself, we are the only ones allowed to do that!

Ok, so I am admittidly not a big fan of pageants. They are antiquated because they harken back to a time when women were only allowed to be propped up as playthings. They are chauvinistic, as they promote "womanly" behavior which includes...ok I looked for a long time for the character criteria for the Miss America Pageant, and I could not find it. It is some sort of guarded secret, or it is so well known that no one cares to repeat it, like water is wet.

Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, is under attack for having photos up on Facebook. Her blackmailers claim that she is a disgrace to the Miss America pageant. She claims the photos reveal no more than the swimwear she is required to wear in pageants. So she is afraid that photos of her dressed more than she is when she is displayed on television might raise eyebrows? Who are the morality judges, the Taliban? And what is with the double standard? Keep covered, unless we tell you to take it off and smile while we rank you with digits.

And the descriptions of her used to discuss her "defense" are ridicooulous. She is perfectly coiffed, and unfazed by heat. How about her eloquence, her drive to get her story of being hacked out, her platform of internet safety? Those are overlooked because she is pretty, even in difficult times. This further proves that Pageants are not about anything but the swimsuit "competition."

And as for Matt Lauer's obsession with nudity in the photos, I think that speaks volumes as to why these pageants exists in the first place.

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